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Remember, each session is flexible and will use elements from the three different focus areas , Team Building, Creative Thinking, Communication, depending on the desired outcomes discussed at the briefing. Depending on the time available we may choose elements from one or more of the Modules listed below to help us achieve your aims for the event.

 Sessions can range from 30 minutes up to a full day session. Sessions can be spread out over multiple days at a conference.

Note - We specialise in Indoor events only.

Popular  Modules

  These are a sampling of some of the possible modules/activities that we may use in your session. We are constantly researching new possibilities.

Thinking Like a Magician

Using elements of Timothy's acclaimed Keynote, this Workshop module allows participants to explore the concepts in more detail. Participants experience the Attitude Change that allows "Magical Thinking" and learn practical Tools that they can put into immediate use in their lives and work. Learn breakthrough techniques with real "take home" value. Learn to think way beyond "Outside the Square".

Participants boost their skills in Creative Thinking & Problem Solving with a series of challenging exercises. They become more motivated and have the confidence to take on seemingly impossible tasks using the skills explored.

The Irresistible power of our own Hypnosis
Learn to Challenge our Assumptions, Expectations & Beliefs
Misdirection – The magicians secret weapon. Fact or Myth?
A great Kickoff for a Conference or lead in before brainstorming and planning days.


I know what you're thinking!


This fascinating and often requested module explores the field of "people reading"!
Based on the scientifically proven DISC model of human behavior
but presented in a fun, memorable and very accessible manner

Learn what motivates your customers, colleagues, family and of course yourself.
Learn how different personality types react to and respond to the same situation.
Discover effective techniques for communicating and dealing with these different types of people.

This, at times hilarious and revealing module will enable participants to -

Resolve conflict
Express ideas more effectively
Manage people better
Become more effective dealing with customers and colleagues

It's a perfect session for -

People working in Customer Service
Sales Representatives
Team Leaders
Franchise Owners/Managers

All participants get workbooks and valuable handouts so they can use the tools immediately!


The Polygon Puzzle  

The Polygon Puzzle™ is a powerful team development tool designed to teach team members to communicate effectively and to collaborate to achieve a common goal successfully. Used at any level of the organization from shop floor to boardroom, the Polygon Puzzle™ provides a powerful lesson in sharing information and listening. Length of Session 1 hour.


The Polygon Puzzle™ will help your people…

           Understand the importance of teamwork

           Identify their strengths and weaknesses

           Understand that each individual brings unique skills and experiences to the team

           Learn to communicate effectively and to actively listen

           Learn to cooperate and collaborate to problem-solve

           Learn first hand how synergy brings about enhanced individual and group performance

           Learn how to create a positive work environment within which professional relationships are strengthened



Build a Company Challenge

Want a high energy fun activity that’s suitable for 6 -100 people?

Then let us run the "Build a Company Challenge".

New Teams are formed and participants have a short time to work together to create a new company. They have to collaborate and they have to be creative to meet the challenge.

We need a Name, a Logo, a Slogan and anything else that they can come up with in the time available. It's fast and furious and the challenge is on. We supply a fun mix of resources that they might use in their presentations.

Presentations? Yes, they then have 2-3 minutes to pitch their new company to the rest of us!

After the often hilarious presentations we then debrief the exercise and discus the points that emerge.

# The exercise demonstrates Team dynamics roles and operations.

# Demonstrates the importance of team Creativity and Innovation.

# Leads to a relevant discussion on the critical elements of team operation.

# Forms new bonds between participants and high energy fun that participants will truly enjoy.

Depending on numbers of participants the exercise can run from 45 to 90 minutes.



Motivate your Memory!

In this practical value packed session, participants are guaranteed to improve their memories!
Several simple tested techniques are taught that are instantly usable.

Remember with ease - Names and Faces, lists, facts and figures.

It's a great introduction to this fascinating field, and the group will amaze itself with the improvement in just one session! Useable skills for customer service and sales teams.
A motivating, fun and practical session with a great "Aha!" moment when they amaze themselves with their own abilities!

It's a great introduction to this fascinating field, and the group will amaze itself with the improvement in just one session! A benchmark of 10% is set but most groups can attain 20%-40% improvement in just a short session! Useable skills for customer service and sales teams.


Juggling to learn!  - Anyone can learn to juggle!

Achieving the Impossible have taught literally thousands of people how to juggle over the years. Juggling, like business and life itself, really is just a game of the mind. It also is a wonderful metaphor for the learning process. (Learning through our mistakes, Setting Goals, Breaking larger objectives into smaller manageable Chunks, Looking at the big Picture, balancing life's demands.)

We know many tricks and secrets to move even an absolute beginner into a stage where they will begin to master the skills and taste success. And for those who can already juggle, Timothy will extend their enjoyment and challenge. He will push up the bar as he teaches and encourages people to take on new challenges. This may be one of the myriad of three ball tricks, or perhaps he will set them on the road to "numbers juggling", tackling 4 or 5 balls! All equipment is supplied for the session.  If you like, it can be arranged so that all participants keep their juggling equipment and can continue the practice long after the session.

Timothy is a master juggler and very experienced teacher. He regularly juggles 5 balls and is presently working on mastering 7. His has held workshops for the Sydney Opera House, many theatre groups around the country, corporate conferences and a select number of private clients.



We have recently acquired the rights to deliver the outstanding Half Day "Search for the Lost Dutchman's Mine" simulation. This can be combined with other Modules to provide a powerful and fun, full day session or as a stand alone event.

Full details by clicking the link below.

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The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine workshop is widely acknowledged as one of the worlds best experiential learning exercises. We are proud to be able to deliver the experience to our clients in Australia. This action-packed and fun-filled simulation is a dramatic and powerful experience which demonstrates how missions and goals can motivate teamwork and collaboration to optimize group performance.

Full Information on this Simulation


Trivia Night

If you're just after a fun shared experience that will let people get to know each other, an Interactive Corporate Trivia Challenge may fit the bill, as a great social event.  These can be themed, incorporate company or industry questions and can be as competitive as you wish it to be. Be warned our Trivia Nights are regarded as the most hilarious in Australia and may even include our famous "Corporate Air Guitar" Competition.                  
 Trivia Challenge Details



These are just a sampling of the Popular Modules.


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