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Brilliant Workshops!

Do you need to get your Team motivated?
Get them working and communicating well together?
Do you need to reward them with a hilarious afternoon of fun
or to teach them skills they can use outside of work?
Do you want to empower them to solve problems by themselves?

Then we have the solution for you!


Although we seem to offer three distinct Workshops, in reality we only offer one.
The one that we design for you! All sessions are put together in consultation with you once we have identified what change you are hoping to achieve with your group.

The three "Brilliant" focus areas - Corporate Creativity, Teambuilding and Communication, serve as a starting point to design the sessions but these are often then combined in different and intriguing ways, drawing from a common pool of modules and activities.

Professional Development Days, Retreats, Breakout Sessions, Team Retreats.

Read the descriptions, client comments, download the Info Pack and then lets talk!

team building


Brilliant Teams

Participate,  Motivate & Celebrate!

Get your people working  together with our Indoor Team Building events. Modules include - The Polygon Puzzle, Juggling to Learn, Search for the Lost Dutchman's Goldmine,

Creative Thinking - Thinking outside the square


Brilliant Thinking

Just because Ideas are free, why waste them?

Tap into the skills we already have to unleash a stream of brilliant ideas. Learn tools and techniques in Creative Thinking, Brainstorming, Problem Solving that your people can use immediately in their work and in their life outside of work.


Brilliant Communications

Solving your People Puzzles

Learn what Motivates you, your work mates, customers, family. Learn simple techniques to adapt to the different personality styles. Enhance your communications, resolve conflict, increase sales, manage people better.

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Sample Modules, Client Comments, Further Info

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