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Professional Speaker & Presenter Resources

As an Accredited Professional Member (APS) of the National Speakers Association
of Australia, (NSAA), I am often asked to speak at Chapter meetings, run sessions for the Speakers Academy and at the the National Convention.

At these presentations I often suggest books and resources that I think
will be of great benefit to expert and aspiring Speakers & Trainers.

These suggestions are collected on the next series of pages.
The list is changed every few months.

Please note, if you want to find out more about the world of Professional Speaking,
there is a link to the NSAA site here. We suggest you visit and find out where your nearest Chapter is located.    NSAA


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Our own collection of CD's DVD's & Books

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Free Ebook   

Speak Out In Public  Matt Church

Matt Church has put together a brilliant book called Speak Out in Public.

How to be a Dynamic, Confident and Engaging Public Speaker

Highly recommended


Snippits from past issues of Timothy Speaks


Recommended Reading

We are always getting asked to recommend books to people.
People wanting advice on Public Speaking, Magic, Juggling, Puzzles, Memory Skills, etc...

We have put our own Recommended list together which will be updated each month. Visit and enjoy.    Click Here

Speaker and Presenter Resources Part 2


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