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What do the following magicians have in common?


Mac King, David Ginn, Billy McComb, Gary Oulett, CJ Johnson, 
Dick Christian, James Randi, Scott Wells, Greg Wilson.Clive Court,
Randy Charach, Ray Haddad, , Terry Parrett, Dan Harlan, Dave Dee,
Tim Ellis, Stan Davis, Mark Byrne,



They have all contributed articles, ideas, comments or good advice to the first 100 issues of MagicCoach Newsletter.

And now, this advice from these experts is available to you in handy ebook form.

 Three years in the writing
Three months in the preparation
Three minutes away from being on your computer!

It’s not just a reprint of the first 100 issues! We have extracted all the best articles, tips & resources. We have checked and updated the URLs and compiled a clickable Contents page. We have grouped the articles and advice into chapters. We have added Hyperlinks to let you navigate around this huge book with ease.

We have recently re edited the book,
updated links and added a few more goodies!

Its nearly 200 pages of inside information.
Over 61,000 words that have the power to catapult your career to the next level!

This is no slim over hyped ebook. We could have easily divided it up into several sections and sold each of them at the same price.

 But it’s not just the advice from the well known experts that makes this volume so valuable. It’s also the tips, ideas and encouragement from performers just like you who are prepared to share what works for them! Real performers, working in the real world to real people.

Each chapter gives advice on a different area that is essential for your career. For instance,  if you were writing a Press Release you can browse the appropriate chapter and read tips from several experts on how to best put one together.

 If you are thinking about a new Give Away for your show, check out all the ideas from readers. Read what has worked for them in their business. 

Learn strategies on designing an effective business card and then ideas on how to use them. Learn how different people quickly make Custom cards for special engagements.

Brilliant thoughts on obtaining Testimonial letters from all your engagements.

And much much more.

What’s the one question you should ask every prospective client that can make you thousands of extra dollars every year?

Why do children really heckle and what can you do to avoid it?

What would the legendary Billy McComb advise you to do if you were starting your career?

How do you really make your website work for you, so you can save thousands of dollars from advertising in traditional ways and save thousands in printing costs?



MagicCoach 100 has the content to help any performer working at any level, be it
Children’s Show or Trade Show.


We explore different market areas, with advice from people who specialise in each one.

Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, School Shows, Restaurant Work, Japanese Resorts!


We show you how to break into these lucrative markets and give you advice on how to keep working there. 

We explore Marketing Strategies like Direct Mail, Creating Celebrity Status, Advocates and Testimonials.

We discuss dealing with Agents and Bureaus. And how we can utilise technology to catapult our business forwards.


MagicCoach is in it’s third year of publication and currently goes out to just over 2000 subscribers around the world. We have some absolute beginners and some very well known names who read it each week. 

You now have access to the very best information that was contained in the first 100 issues.


Information to Instruct & Inspire.
Information that has the power
 to catapult  your Entertainment business to a new level.


We have included a Goal Setting Workbook to keep your mind focussed on creating your own future, rather than trying to predict where it’s going to take you.

We have also included exclusive extracts from the books of other Magic Marketing writers so that you can gain from their knowledge. People like CJ Johnson, Randy Charach and Dave Dee who are all supporters of MagicCoach. This allows you to sample their wares and see how it fits with your way of thinking.

 We are keeping the price of this Archive collection ridiculously low, so as many people as possible can benefit from the information it contains.


This is not just theory. These ideas work!
There are tips and techniques from full time professionals, weekend warriors,
and some famous names.


At this point we are only offering an ebook version as a pdf file.
We possibly may make a CDRom version and possibly a Printed Version, but at this point the physical size of the file would rule that out. (It’s huge)


Compared to similar sized books on the market this is a bargain.
And in terms of content,
there’s nothing to compare it with.

Your Investment
is just $17

Purchase by the secure servers of PayPal
and you will be able to instantly Download the book.

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Have a Peek at the Contents with this Video


Just using one idea from the book will easily repay your tiny investment.
And you can use all the hundreds of ideas for the rest of your career!

Order Today and start putting extra dollars in your pocket Tomorrow.

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Here's the deal. I'm so confident that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase
that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If you buy this collection and don't think you can use any idea
to help you grow your entertainment business,
I'll refund all your money!

Timothy Hyde

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